Our History
Growth and biofuels innovation for more than two decades.
  1. 1992 - Company Founded

    Eco-Energy opened its doors in 1992. Initially, Eco-Energy’s strategy was focused on marketing and logistics of biofuel on the West Coast of the United States. 

    The company was founded on two core premises – a passion for the business of alternative energy and a commitment to provide reliable solutions in the transportation and distribution sector.

  2. 1998 - Move to Tennessee

    Eco-Energy began introducing ethanol to major oil companies as a blending component. As the biofuel market continued to grow, Eco-Energy concentrated its efforts on aggregating production in the supply chain through alliance relationships.

    The company relocated its headquarters to Middle Tennessee and soon after experienced rapid growth through opportunistic procurement in the Midwest and other areas of the United States.

  3. 2004 - First Alliance Plants

    Eco-Energy establishes itself as the preferred supplier to several major oil companies.

    The first three alliance plants join under the Eco-Energy marketing umbrella, totaling 150 million gallons in annual production.

  4. 2008 - Expansion

    To fill the void of liquidity and risk management services in the biofuel sector, Eco-Energy developed a risk management and trading platform.

    The company focused on aggressive expansion of its Distribution Services division and on increasing the number of terminals down the supply chain.

  5. 2010 - 1 Billion Gallons

    By 2010, Eco-Energy passed the critical 1 billion gallon mark, handling more than 10 percent of North American production with 13 alliance plants.

    Distribution Services grew to 15 downstream terminals and transload facilities.

  6. 2012 - World Leader and Copersucar

    In 2012 Eco-Energy reached a major milestone when it became the leading integrated biofuel supply chain company in the United States.  The company had 17 alliance plants, 25 distribution facilities and handled 1.4 billion gallons of biofuel annually.

    The company completed its first Unit Train Terminal facility in Denton, North Carolina.

    Eco-Energy entered into a strategic and financial partnership with Copersucar S.A., becoming the leading biofuel supply chain and trading company in the world. The partnership resulted in Eco-Energy’s handling of 12 percent of global ethanol production.