Marketing Services
Offering the flexibility you need to succeed in biofuels.

Biofuel markets are highly competitive and volatile, requiring fast-moving flexibility in your decision making and marketing strategies.

At Eco-Energy, we've designed our marketing services to deliver the margins you need to succeed.

Our Marketing Services division leverages expertise in multiple commodities to provide innovative pricing and risk management solutions to our clients. Eco-Energy’s network enables you to take advantage of big market moves by managing your margins effectively, reducing cash flow requirements, and providing additional pricing flexibility.

We also provide pricing options to create that highly-valued flexibility that is essential to your success. You may participate in active price management not only when initiating a new transaction, but after a purchase or sale is executed as well. This allows you to properly manage crush margin volatility and commodity price exposure.

And because we’re an independent company without plant ownership, you can be sure that meeting your needs with seamless execution is our top priority.

Eco-Energy's Marketing Services include:

  • Optimum netback through multiple pricing options on each transaction
  • Efficient margin/price risk management
  • Ethanol index contracts
  • Ethanol crush contracts
  • Reformulated Gasoline Blend Stock for Oxygen Blending (RBOB) basis contracts
  • Minimum and maximum price contracts
  • Crush options