Bringing together suppliers, blenders, and logistics to extend the biofuels value chain.

Eco-Energy’s Biodiesel division operates a broad logistics network across the United States to support industry blending and bring ratable, reliable supply to the marketplace. Leveraging this platform enables Eco-Energy to offer supply in key regions and serve a multitude of blenders within a given region.

Eco-Energy has extended its expertise in logistics and product marketing to biodiesel to support the industry in its expansion across the U.S.

Our division works in two arenas in the biofuels marketplace – supply and logistics.


When you work with Eco-Energy's Biodiesel supply team, you'll experience:

  • Compliance assurance: All supply touched by Eco-Energy comes with a full warranty on the Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) associated with those physical gallons.
  • A focus on quality: We only work with producers who are focused on making a consistent, quality product to eliminate fraud-risk on RIN generation and separation.
  • Competitive pricing: Our supply network provides access and competitive pricing, enabling blenders to lock-in blend margins year-round.

Logistics and Distribution

When you work with Eco-Energy's Biodiesel logistics team, you'll experience:

  • Expansive logistics platform: Our logistics platform and expansive network of trucks, railcars, transloads and terminals is best-in-class for biofuels and unmatched in the industry.
  • Downstream management and opportunities: Working alongside our Distribution Services division, Eco-Energy locates and develops sites for transloading and distribution of biofuels to the market. We handle inbound and outbound scheduling, inventory management, and operating complexities associated with moving product through the biofuels supply chain.
  • Access to blending facilities and new markets: Eco-Energy provides access to blenders through transload locations across the country. These sites help provide access for splash blending and biodiesel supply into new regions.