Eco-Energy Strengthens Platform after Renewed Commitments

Eco-Energy is pleased to announce that all partners eligible for contract renewal this year have done so, with most committing to longer terms.  This has been an exceptionally busy time for the company, with 10 partners renewing in 2015 this marks the highest number of contractual commitments in any one year for the company.  “These renewals are a vote of confidence in our marketing platform, our team, and our downstream investment focus for the benefit of our plant partners,” stated Chad Martin, CEO of Eco-Energy.  The company has added a total of 28 years-worth of partner commitments to the platform this year alone, continuing as the leader in global biofuels marketing and distribution. 

While some renewals happened earlier this year, many were finalized recently at the end of the third quarter.  One most recent long term extension with Blue Flint Ethanol was also accompanied by a long term contract with Dakota Spirit AgEnergy, a newly built 65 million gallon per year plant in Spiritwood, ND.  Dakota Spirit is a sister plant to Blue Flint. 

 “During eight years of our marketing relationship, Eco-Energy has clearly focused on adding value to Blue Flint and their business partners.  The Eco team has an ambition that generates results and we look forward to mutually growing our companies together for years to come,” said Jeff Zueger, Chief Operating Officer of Midwest AgEnergy Group.

John Bowman, VP of Alliance Marketing, said Eco-Energy markets for 19 ethanol plants across North America.  Including Alliance partner volume, Eco-Energy boasts a footprint that touches more than 15% of the global ethanol market.  “At our core, adding value to our Alliance plants is our main objective and what we strive for each and every day.  It’s rewarding to see our plant partners confirm that our effort and performance is valued through their continued commitment to the Eco platform.” 

John Bowman
VP of Alliance Marketing
(615) 778-2898 

About Eco-Energy, Inc.
Eco-Energy is an integrated bio-fuel supply chain company focused on the marketing, trading, transportation, and distribution of bio-fuels across the globe. Eco-Energy is among the largest full-service marketing companies in North America with over $4.0 billion in sales and handling nearly 15% of the bio-fuels market.  By leveraging Eco-Energy’s core competencies in logistics, distribution, and trading, Eco-Energy is able to provide innovative, value-added solutions for a more stable, disciplined, and vertically integrated supply chain.